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RX8 Platform.

XRAY proudly presents the all-new RX8E conversion set.  Based on the ultra-successful RX8 using the RX8E conversion you will be able to easily convert your 1/8 nitro on-road car into an electric powered beast. The RX8E features all the finest parts and the high performance pedigree of the RX8.

Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German & Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's legendary attention to detail by our artistic production specialists. The RX8E is truly a masterpiece.

RX8E Concept.

The RX8E is a typical XRAY: premium, professional, high-competition for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the smallest details, and backed by premium service & support… a luxury masterpiece.

RX8E Conversion.

With attention to the smallest details and a mandate to simplify servicing of the car, the all-new RX8 features cross-platform compatibility to ensure you can use the same car platform for both nitro and electric powered version making it either RX8 or RX8E.

Using the RX8E conversion you can easily convert your RX8 into an RX8E in just few minutes.

The conversion set is compatible with RX8’16, RX8’17, RX8’18.

Conversion Parts.

The RX8E includes all necessary parts to easily convert your RX8 into RX8E. 

Making of.

Read my exclusive story about the making of the XRAY RX8 here for an insider’s view of our daily work as RC car designers and what we have all done to make the RX8 platform a reality. The RX8E features all the finest details from the RX8 to share the genuine platform.

Martin Hudy
XRAY RX8 Platform Designer

Team Development.

All of the refinements from the last year – based on our own experiences and feedback from drivers all around the world – were incorporated into the new RX8. New ideas and prototypes were long-term tested by the factory team worldwide to ensure the improvements would work well in all track conditions and tracks in Europe, America, and Asia.


Designed using advanced CAD/CAM systems, and manufactured using some of the world’s best machining & molding equipment, the RX8E achieves a level of precision and detail that is second to none.


Development at XRAY never stops, nor does our pursuit of perfection. Evolving the RX8 to its present state has been a challenge for everyone at XRAY, and this new, re-designed version of the RX8 incorporates all the best features and ideas gathered over the past years.  Enjoy the new RX8 that shares the same platform for the new RX8E.

Martin Hudy
XRAY RX8 Platform Designer


XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/8 on-road car racing scene since the release of the first RX8. Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has led to ever-increasing performance, and the same success story follows the RX8 platform that was designed for an easy conversion into the RX8E.

The craftsmanship, durability, and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary, and you will find all of the finest features in the RX8 platform.

Be part of the family, live the heritage.


With countless wins of the RX8 platform in multiple classes at local, regional, national, and international levels, the XRAY RX8E is designed for highest-competition racing… and ready to win.